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Maintaining a good reputation of a business is definitely a crucial aspect that decides the future of your venture. In the pre-digital world, word of mouth is the best way to gain publicity among the audience. But at present, the scenario turns completely opposite. 

Nowadays, online reputation (also known as ORM) is the only way to become famous. And, if you face any kind of issues with your online reputation, then it is good to choose the correct administration merchant that is able and sufficiently qualified to deal with your ORM issues and Digital Code 13 is one of them.

We help people to know What’s Going On With Your Brand and what people think about it with unbeatable features like :

  • Review Acquisition
  • Review Monitoring
  • Review Marketing

It’s time to have a better online reputation that will help to leave a positive impact on your potential customers.

So don’t waste your time and convert your customers into reviewers or track progress with us.

Digital Code 13 offers simple and effective systems for busy entrepreneurs which offers them more leads and drive clients to their front door.

A process to convert customers into reviewers

• Ask them to write a review
• Make the process easier
• Don’t forget to follow up with them in a convenient way

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